I love the idea of moving help for seniors but as a franchise owner, how much of my time is going to be taken up with administrative tasks?

Most of your time will be spent doing exactly what you want to do—helping seniors make the transition to a smaller home easier. Administrative tasks have been streamlined to save you time, and resources are available to help you manage all aspects of the operations, including marketing and promotion.

I see that all Divas have their own page on the Downsizing Diva website.  Do I have to be good at technology?

Not at all! Our site is centrally managed. Updates on your own page can be done with an easy user interface tool. If you can type with one finger, you’ll be fine!

Will I face competition from similar services?

First of all, competition is a good thing. There are numerous independent service providers that support seniors in various aspects of senior care including a move, but Downsizing Diva is unique in its focus. We specialize only in senior move management and related services such as de-cluttering, organizing and clearing estates. There are Divas across Ontario, giving franchise owners a strong support system, so you never feel like a lone Diva!

Moving can be very stressful. Is the work emotionally draining? 

It can be. However, our Divas are always talking about how uplifted they feel having guided someone through the process of a move. Even though the transition itself can be challenging, with compassion, care and a sense of humour, every day with our great clients brings moments of joy and purpose to our work.


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