Friend and executor

You have many skills and they are much appreciated! We are having trouble finding words to express how grateful we are for both your professional expertise and your personal generosity and thoughtfulness. You have many skills and they are greatly appreciated!

One of two sisters downsizing together!

We don't know how we would have made it! We find it hard to believe that we have now been in our residence for a year. It all seems like a dream and without your help and guidance we don't know how we would have made it. You took the load and pressure off us by organizing everything and lessening the trauma of the BIG MOVE. Wishing you all the best and can say to anyone who books for your services are very fortunate.

A daughter

Downsizing Diva had the cheerful energy to keep me going! I had no idea when I started to prepare for my move how much work it was to sort and pack. Downsizing Diva had contacts all over the city to help downsize items to places where they would be of best use. When I got bogged down in nostalgia, Downsizing Diva had the cheerful energy to keep me going.

A grateful son

Thanks for getting 55 years worth of collecting and other "stuff" removed. Had I not been referred to you, I most surely would have been working on the condo well into the summer. Thank you again for your efforts!

A retired geriatric psychologist

You were amazing with the staging and I appreciated having you there for the stress of selling. I enjoyed working with you, your professionalism, understanding of my husband's condition, and respectful of my situation working with him. Thank you so much for getting us through!

Former Professor and Author

Simply - thank you for the fine job you carried out in moving my brother's things to the nursing wing at Christie Gardens. The room looks very nice. This was done professionally and with a noticeable thoughtful touch that I appreciated. You had quite a job but handled it very well and with great presence.

Former Education Specialist

Dear Gerine, Belatedly, I want to thank you so much for all you did to make my move as smooth as possible. I fully realize that we couldn't have managed without you - you thought of everything, bless you - and I am very grateful. My very best wishes to you.

A Retired Accountant and CEO

Gerine de Jong did a very good job in organizing all the various details of the move. The move went very well due to her work.

A Retired Schoolteacher

Gerine de Jong helped me get ready for my move and decide what items I should take. Some items not being taken had to be sent to my daughter, some needed to be disposed of and some moved to my cottage. She helped me get set up in my new apartment: organizing what items went where, hung my artwork, and bought my toaster oven. She did a very good job in organizing all the various details of the move. The move went very well. I was very glad of Gerine's assistance during my move. I found her very helpful and professional in all my dealings with her.

A Retired Speech Therapist

Gerine de Jong carried out my move on January 31, 2011. She has a very special quality that brought comfort to me during the stress of an emotional change. She is a gentle spirit sent to bolster my way ahead.

An Executor

Gerine de Jong worked on two major projects for me in the summer and fall of 2011. She did a superb job, and I am happy to recommend her service to you. As the executor for the estate of two artists, I was responsible for clearing out the basement of their home of 40 years. It was not only packed with the usual accumulation of things, it also held a lifetimes worth of textile and ceramic pieces made by the artists as well as a full-sized kiln for firing clay pots. I contacted Downsizing Diva, and they sent me Gerine. She assessed the situation, set to work, and completed the task in the time allotted. Aside from her practical, orderly, and conscientious work ethic, she was very sensitive to which items might be of value to family members. Also, her background in art and design was added value on this project. She was enthusiastic about finding a good home for the art works, and took on the task of photographing each piece and storing it digitally on my computer so I could offer the pieces to museums easily. The second project was to help me organize my own papers. I never throw out paper. Gerine, who normally likes to be active physically, graciously agreed to sit next to me and sift through about ten years worth of financial records, recipes cut out of the newspaper, birthday cards, ticket stubs, etc. etc. She had me organized in no time. Gerine de Jong is an excellent person for the job she has chosen to do. She relates well to people, and she approaches every task with fresh ideas and an admirable 'can-do' attitude.

A Client

We would like to express our gratitude for everything you did for my elderly relative. With us living out of town, your service was invaluable and it provided us with peace of mind that he was getting the care and attention he required. You were our eyes and ears and kept us informed of all his wants and needs when we weren't able to be there. He so appreciated your companionship and everything you did for him. From running his errands, taking him to appointments, doing his personal shopping and visiting him in the hospital during his final days. This is an amazing service delivered in a compassionate and professional manner that went above and beyond what we ever expected. Thank you so much.

A grateful Son

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of my mother and myself, for the excellent service you provided. The move was well-planned and organized, and you were a pleasure to deal with. I was particularly grateful for the care you showed in helping my mother through every stage and detail of the move from the packing to the unpacking. You treated my mother as if she was your own.

A retired Broadcaster

Downsizing Diva spent five weeks last year helping us move from the house we had called home for 30 years. Because of Downsizing Diva, what might have been a nightmare was instead a relatively smooth process. Bright, cheerful, and well-organized, Downsizing Diva packed, cleaned, sold things to consignment stores, hired and supervised movers and after moving day, prepared the house to be shown, thus helping to ensure that it sold well. Downsizing Diva was unfailingly sensitive to our feelings and I cannot imagine doing a move without this service. Indeed, I will most certainly call Downsizing Diva should we ever decide to move again and recommend her most heartily to anyone else.

A Daughter

Due to my elderly mother's increasingly fragile health she decided that she needed to move from her seniors' apartment into assisted living with nursing care. At first she could not face all the decisions. Downsizing Diva was suggested to me and came to discuss the situation with my mother and me the same day I called! It was a difficult matter for my mother to have to face this next chapter in her life which meant not having all of her things with her. Downsizing Diva focused on the questions regarding the move in a way that made my mother relaxed and, more importantly, feeling as if her wishes were being heard. In a polite and respectful manner Downsizing Diva approached the delicate subject of what furniture would fit in my mother's new room and what could not be taken. On the day of the move Downsizing Diva had already figured out the furniture placement with my mother and everything was carefully and quickly moved. I must also add that we had very short notice when the room became available, however, Downsizing Diva was able to accommodate our tight schedule. On behalf of my mother and family I wish to thank Downsizing Diva for a very successful move: you made it all look so easy and we would definitely ask you again and recommend you to others

A Music Educator and Mom

Thank you for the inventory, and for spending so many hours with us, so patiently. Not only could we not have done this without you, but you made a very emotional and difficult process feel "easy", appreciated the loss of a home of 41 years, but at the same time helped us always to see the new (and wonderful) possibilities of our new home. Thank you for your expertise, your interest in the stories behind the furniture and photos, your listening, and your running around town on our behalf finding the perfect home for the things we could not keep. With deep appreciation….

A Retired Educator and Administrator

What we appreciated about your management of our move was your calm and knowledgeable approach to the whole job. We also were grateful for your "good eye" and your design sense. As we have settled into the apartment, the floor plans and furniture placement has been pretty much "right on." We particularly appreciated your sense of good design when you hung our pictures. It turned our "temporary digs" into our home.

a Writer, Editor and cat-lover

Last December my cat Bijou and I moved from a spacious 2-bedroom + den condo to a 510 square foot flat. It was a stressful procedure for me, but, with the help of Downsizing Diva, I settled in with my sanity intact and with a supremely contented pussycat. Downsizing Diva was enormously helpful, with excellent and inventive solutions to every single problem that arose.

A Nephew

I was delighted with the service you provided for my aunt to move into long term care...especially appreciated the knowledge you had of personal items useful in her new space. As for the clean out of her condo, it was excellent service, incorporating the distribution of items to consignment stores, charities and arranging for furniture to be moved out of town.

A Daughter

I can't thank you enough for all your much-needed help in moving Mom. Not only did you make a difficult situation for me so much easier, but your upbeat and optimistic nature is contagious and you made the whole job a positive experience. You are one talented lady!