Client: Senior Couple

I can without hesitation recommend Laura Speciale very highly. Laura Speciale in her role as Downsizing Diva, organized a move and downsizing for my wife and I. Neither of us is getting any younger and I can state in the strongest terms that her performance was exemplary, her energy extraordinary and her detailed planning ensured that the move went as smoothly as possible. There were a few minor glitches, over which she had no control. but her calm assured approached reassured us and overcame the difficulty.

She managed to take a great deal of stress that is inevitable in a move off of us and it is hard to imagine how we would have survived without her management and human relations skills.

I can without hesitation recommend Laura Speciale very highly.

Joe & Linda

Just wanted to thank-you and your team for an outstanding job. When we first started, your calm and cool approach left us with hope that the "task" of cleaning and clearing the house for sale would be done in a speedy yet organized method of sorting, clearing, donating, instant garbage, and those articles left to question the owners. We even had a small item which one of the grandchildren wanted that we asked the team to keep an eye out for-and they found it amongst the "treasures" accumulated in the house.

With the closing of our own home on the market the very thought of trying to pack up and sort through the home of two collectors left us shaking our heads. You and your team were like mini tornados going methodically room by room and packing and sorting.

Your care and consideration of our loss of a beloved family member made the task of seeing the house cleared less of a burden and more an eye opener of the years of "treasures" unearthed from hidden corners.

Thank-you for doing what we could not. The "Dizzaling Divas and Divo's" are a wonderful group of individuals who are very professional, hard working, dedicated team members who are an asset to those who need your skills in cleaning out homes.

We would recommend your services to anyone who does not have the time, patience or skills to do the unimaginable top to bottom, inside out approach of getting a house ready for the real estate market.