Laugh + Learn Presentations

The Diva Likes to Talk!

Looking for an entertaining and informative speaker for YOUR next community group? Our presentations provide INFORMATION, INNOVATION and INSPIRATION. Contact your local diva or call Downsizing Diva at 1-866-836-6999 to arrange a presentation for your company or community group. 

Topics Include...

All the RIGHT moves!

The Diva knows a thing or two about dreams, dilemmas and downsizing. As a matter of fact, THE Diva wrote the book on moving and called it "GO! The Essential Guide to Organizing and Moving". This is a great opportunity to learn from the Senior Move Management experts!

It's not just stuff, it's MY stuff!

You think you've got stuff! After all these years, you should see some of the stuff the Divas have found! Some of it funny, some of it odd - all of it someone's treasures! Everyone has their own motivation for downsizing -- moving, mobility, messiness... and this presentation will have you laughing AND learning!

What’s My Next Move?

Different  phases of life bring changes to living arrangements. What are some of the housing options available and why is it important to plan ahead.

The Art of De-Cluttering and Downsizing your Stuff!

Learn lots of organizing tips that will get you on your way to a clutter-free life! Types of Clutter- which one are you? What to do with all your stuff? True Confessions…..Diva Style

The Choreography of Right-Sizing - Let the Dance Begin!

When members of your community group are thinking about downsizing and/or moving, the Diva would love to share downsizing tips, tricks and techniques!