When you're planning your move, every decision you make has a dollar cost and an environmental cost. When you reduce, reuse and recycle everyone wins.

Here are SEVEN tips to make your move more eco-friendly:

1. Move less stuff—The more stuff you take with you, the more fuel the moving truck will consume. Lightening-up before you move may seem like a lot of work, but the less you pack, the less you will have to unpack.

2. Keep pre-move purchases to a minimum—Once you have made the decision to move, try to limit purchases to items specifically required for your move like packing and moving supplies. This is not the time to stock up on new stuff.

3. Use consumable items now—Plan meals around the food already in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. Clean with existing cleaning products. Whenever possible…use it, don't move it.

4. Arrange for major purchases to be delivered—If your plans include purchasing major items, like sofas, beds or appliances, ask the store to deliver these items to your new home. This also works for items being refinished or reupholstered.

5. Upgrade to environmentally-friendly appliances—Compressors in refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners generally don't travel well. Why not recycle inefficient appliances before you move and replace them with environmentally-friendly ones for your new home?

6. Boxes—New or used, cardboard or plastic? The choice is yours. The best moving boxes are clean, sturdy and easy to carry. Remember to recycle boxes and packing materials when your move is over.

7. Think inside the box—Use linens (towels, blankets, sheets, even clothing), instead of newspaper or bubble wrap, to pack breakable items. Save money and space in the moving truck by using appropriate packing boxes.

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