10 Reasons why puttering in your garden is like downsizing...

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Life is simpler in the summer and that makes it a great season to lighten-up.

Now, maybe I’ve been out in the sun too long, but the other day, as I was puttering in the garden, I started thinking about the ways that weeding and downsizing are similar.

TEN reasons why weeding your garden is like…downsizing!

     1. If you’ve left it too long, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming!     2. You have a better chance of finishing both tasks when you start small and keep going…     3. Weeds and stuff accumulate and before you know it…you’ve got way too much!     4. It is all about letting go of things you don’t want (weeds or clothes that don’t fit) and keeping the           good stuff!     5. You see results faster when you select an area to work on and stay focused on that one area               until you’re finished.     6. When you step back and survey the work you have done, you will be motivated to keep going.     7. Friends or family members may, or may not, admire your efforts; they will seldom stop and                   pitch in to help!     8. You can determine how well the project is going by counting the number of bags or boxes that             are filled with things you no longer want.     9. Both weeding and downsizing allow you to create open spaces that showcase the treasures               you have decided to keep!   10. When you are finished, you will become more selective about what new items, if any, you want           to add.

Enjoy your summer…whatever you decide to do!